Frequently Asked Questions

1)     Do you offer free consultations?

Depends, our consultations for personal injury cases are free for the first 30 minutes.  For other cases, our consultation fee is $60.00 and will be credited towards our retainer fee if hired to represent you; therefore, it becomes a free consultation.

2)     Do you represent anyone for free?

No, our firm is a business, but if you cannot afford representation we encourage you to contact a public defender in the county you are facing criminal charges or contact Atlanta Legal Aid or Georgia Legal Services for civil matters.

3)     How much experience do you have?

Our attorneys have clerked for judges, practiced law in legal clinics, practiced as prosecutors, and practiced in other law firms where they represented all kinds of clients.  They have combined fifteen years of experience in the practice of law.

4)     How much do you charge for your services?

Depends, our consultations with you will allow us to assess what needs to be done in your case.  Our fees are very reasonable when compared to other metro area firms and the quality of representation is never compromised.

5)     Do I really need an attorney?

Depends, during our consultation with you, take comfort in the knowledge that our firm will honestly assess your case and let you know whether you should feel confident in handling a matter yourself or whether you are risking harm to yourself without an attorney.  We have advised numerous people on legal matters who wanted to represent themselves.  Some of them did so without our help; others had to return to us after creating a worse situation.  Every case is different and must be evaluated on its own.

6)    Are there any types of cases that your firm does not handle?

Yes, we do not handle employment cases, immigration cases, civil rights cases (cases against state entities, counties, or municipalities), discrimination cases, and worker’s compensation cases.This list is not exhaustive and our firm reserves the right to reject handling any case for any reason.

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